Tips for New Poker Bloggers

June 13, 2011

Poker blogs have been around for nearly as long as online poker, with many players keeping a blog of their personal poker journey as they learn the game, move up in limits, or try new strategies. Whether playing on no download poker sites or traditional poker clients, it’s helpful for players to have a record of their progress, plus many blogs allow for commenting from other players or bloggers that can be very helpful, whether it’s advice on playing hands or simply encouragement to stick with it when things aren’t going so well.
As far as tips for poker bloggers just starting out, the best advice is also some of the simplest; create a poker blog because you love writing and poker, not because you think you can make money through affiliate programs. It’s true that many online sites pay as much as $100-$150 for every player you refer to them but it’s a very competitive industry, and most of the readers of poker blogs have already signed up with the top online sites. If you’re just starting a poker blog for online casino to try to make money, the odds are great that you won’t stick with it or earn much cash.

Another great piece of advice is to find your own voice and niche, and to not try to be all things to all people. Some bloggers write great trip reports about playing in live poker tournaments at Las Vegas or Atlantic City, while others might post good strategy guides or the analysis of hands. It may take some time to settle into your own groove but if you stick with it you’ll eventually find your own poker voice and discover the type of posts and content that you enjoy writing. Readers usually pick up on that and respond in kind, so your blog will be much more fulfilling and successful if you’re enjoying yourself as you write it.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to personalize your poker blog and put yourself into it. Even if you decide you want to be the ultimate online poker guide to all things poker, you’ll be much more successful if your own personality shines through, instead of writing in a dry, clinical tone. If you want readers to continue to return you have to provide more than just bare-bones information, and one of the most engaging ways of doing that is by letting yourself seep through, whether it’s including funny stories from daily life or other issues and topics that spill over to the poker tables from time to time.

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Widget customization - how to style each widget differently?

March 14, 2010

Well, this is interesting. We've already learned  to tweak and stylize our Blogger widgets (gadgets), in general. For example adding icon beside sidebar title heading and placing icon or image beside Labels and Links. That's cool. But now, we'll learn how to tweak and style each widget (gadget) differently! Meaning:
► each of your widgets (Labels, Archive, Links, custom widget) can have it's own looks (color, font, borders, images....anything!)
► remember that WIDGET is the same thing as GADGET

Ok, here's the simple example:

I've chosen to differ my widgets a bit, so I changed a the style of Labels, Links, Archive and Picture widget. I choose these widgets just for this example. Remember that you can do this with every other widget too!

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Uploading pictures in Blogger - advices

March 18, 2009

In this article we will talk about upload of pictures (images) in your Blogger Blog. I'll try to point out some advantages and disadvantages, and share some general advices about using a free picture hosting services (Photobucket, Imageshack...) instead of using only the default Blogger image upload (Picasa).

There are two different "ways" of using pictures in Blogger:

1. pictures uploaded in Blogger Post (or gadget/widget)
2. picture used in Blogger HTML layout (for Blog design purposes)

Uploaded pictures HAVE to be stored (hosted) somewhere. When you upload a pic from your computer into Blogger Post, it will automatically be stored in your default Picasa account that comes in a package with your Blogger account....

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